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Then, go get that ice chest you surely remembered in your car and load it up with as much boudin as can fit. You're going to need to eat more. Here is a secret. When talking to a chef who grew up in Maine and asking him about his favorite barbecue, he asked if he could be anonymous because he didn't want to piss off friends in the industry in Portland.

But please don't tell my friends in Portland. But yes, Mike and Kim Witham's formerly tiny, now-giant BBQ restaurant has gone from a tightly guarded secret to a celebrated destination in the last few years, all thanks to generations-old recipes OK, and maybe a visit from little-known TV person Anthony Bourdain. He or she! We'll never tell!! Oh, and the beans have some Maine-style maple syrup in them, so get them if you like that, and go to hell if you don't.


Best Ribs in Pretoria, Gauteng

We keep hearing that there's a BBQ boom afoot in Maryland. The Alabama-born former Baltimore Colt has been lining people up at his Cockeysville joint for 35 years to taste the hickory-smoked meats coming out of an old gas station. His Bama sauce is good on every single item at the restaurant, but if you choose one, make it the pulled pork.

Being from there, I have a soft spot in my heart for Massachusetts barbecue, be it from Soulfire in Allston, or Sweet Cheeks in the Fenway. But I've never had barbecue anywhere in the Bay State that was better than the Pit Stop in Morton Village, which takes the top Mass spot again for the second year running. Pork ribs. As many pork ribs as you can handle.

And then even more banana pudding. I once spilled an entire mess of pudding on my shirt and shamelessly walked right back up and ordered another, because I'd rather look a fool than miss out on that creamy, magical concoction. Halfway between Detroit and Flint you'll find this small-town barbecue outpost that actually had its initial sights set on wood-fired pizza fame which it does make, fantastically , before realizing it'd be a shame to leave meat out of this whole wood-and-smoke equation.

Michiganders other Detroit pitmasters included agree it made a wise choice. The brisket, smoked for 14 hours on green hickory hardwood, reflects a deep appreciation of the art of smoked beef maybe that's why the place offers a Lockhart, TX sauce -- though this stuff doesn't require any.

Speaking of beef, if there are any burnt ends available, grab some of those as well. A trio of friends who came to Minnesota by way of Georgia and Kentucky has been smoking meat together for three decades, at first as a weekend hobby that led to festivals, which led to a beloved St.

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Paul institution that continues to give the Twin Cities their barbecue fix. The Flintstone beef ribs are simultaneously gloriously charred, shockingly tender, and delightfully excessive. The owners had to develop special racks just to accommodate these hulking achievements in short rib cookery. You'll be glad they did. The Orrison family has become quite a known quantity in barbecue circles, with numerous competition wins including Memphis in May and a short-lived reality show, but fame aside, the original ramshackle home base in Ocean Springs is still Mississippi's go-to for standout barbecue with a side of blues music.

You might find yourself tempted to go combo when you start smelling all the smells, but the baby backs are special, and you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't commit to a whole rack with some creamy slaw and some of G-Maw's bacon-backed baked beans.

This joint was opened in by LC Richardson as his "retirement plan" from his corporate chef gig and now LC the pitmaster is well into his 80s, while LC's the restaurant is entering its third decade as a treasured Kansas City dive that's carved out a name for itself among KC's barbecue greats. While you'll find loyalists to institutions like Arthur Bryant's and Jack Stack among KC barbecue fiends, locals we spoke to have a particular reverence for LC's, and the most effusive praise always centers around one dish: They're simultaneously crisp and fatty, smoky and juicy -- everything you want out of barbecue in a single bite.

Expect to take full advantage of the paper towel rolls at your disposal as you make your way through them. I came upon Bad Betty's purely by chance. I was in Montana this summer and a friend brought some over to us en route from Helena, and mentally I was like, "This is not going to be very good," because I am pre-judgmental and mostly unimpressed with Montana BBQ in years past, but then Calvin Richards' spot was actually fantastic. Only open for a couple of years from a self-proclaimed "barbecue geek," Richards' resto sort of offers up a fusion of Texas and Kansas City, which usually leads to some problems.

In this case, it was merely how do I get more? The Texas-style brisket, pork ribs, and KC-esque pulled pork. Two Lincoln natives got hitched, moved to Kansas, found themselves increasingly obsessed with barbecue, and started hitting the competition circuit as a hobby before heading back to Nebraska and opening their trophy-laden counter-service joint in , serving up -- you guessed it -- Kansas City-style 'cue.

The pork ribs smoked six to eight hours and the burnt ends are the two items the place is most likely to run out of -- not coincidentally, they're also the two things you want, so get hungry early. In the sides department, the indulgent cheesy potatoes need to be in the picture as well. Remember the old days of catchy commercial jingles remember the old days of commercials?!?! Well, just visit Brothers' site and you will be treated to 30 seconds of a glorious finger-snapping ditty.

Unlike the glitz of the Vegas joints, which are often second locations from heralded BBQ chefs from elsewhere, Brothers is located in Nevada underdog Reno, and has what one of our editors called "the best damn family-owned barbecue in Nevada, by far" thanks to second-generation family recipes. The two-meat BBQ plate featuring pork ribs and spicy smoked sausage. And make damn well sure you get some of the spicy coleslaw on the side.

Once again, the title for the best barbecue in the Granite State goes to Goody Cole's. As one restaurant owner who grew up in New Hampshire put it, "New Hampshire is absolutely a barbecue wasteland, so it's basically Goody Cole's at the top and everyone else down here. If you really want to taste that Oyler smoker working, get the St. Louis-style pork ribs or the hickory-kissed brisket.

Jersey 'cue fans we polled were particularly excited about this relative newcomer to the local smoke scene, a takeout-focused joint tucked away in a small building on a quiet residential street where a former Marine- get it turned-brisket obsessive is turning out some serious smoked meat and serving it up wrapped in butcher paper just for you. And for America. The hour-smoked brisket's a must, go for it sandwich-style, layered in thick slices or chopped if that's more your style on fluffy bread, and you won't be disappointed.

Of course, you might be disappointed that the bread left you without enough room to sample the Duroc pork ribs. As the saying goes, in the land of green chile, the one barbecue, um, hmmmm. I guess that's not actually a saying. But that doesn't change the fact that Danny's Place now run by his son Tim in Carlsbad is our local expert's pick for the second year in a row, thanks to the glory that is consistently great barbecue cooked over sweet hardwood for over 40 years. Oh, and don't worry, because this is New Mexico after all, you can still get a green chile-smothered burrito and the "flip plate" -- a flour tortilla buttered and fried on the grill and filled with a hamburger patty, two cheese slices, green chile, onions, and salsa.

Louis-cut pork ribs and a flip plate, good sir. Saying a place has "New York City's best barbecue" may not sound like much when it's surrounded by the murderers' row this story contains, but 1 over the last decade, New York has really started to figure out the form like it has so many cuisines before, and 2 Hometown would be special even if it were in Austin or Kansas City or Owensboro, KY stop sleeping on Owensboro, man!! New Yorkers are from a lot of places originally, but so long as they love meat, this is everyone's Hometown.

Opened by the actual Red Bridges in who himself honed his craft with Carolina 'cue legend Warner Stamey , RB's is still run by Red's daughter today, and remains a shining example of what pit-cooked Carolina barbecue can be. In fact, Thrillist readers dubbed it America's best barbecue earlier this year, and in this case, the wisdom of the crowd proved wise indeed. As much chopped pork as your belly can accommodate. Don't complicate this. Except with the slaw, which is kind of a must when it comes to Carolina pork.

Oh, and if you feel like complicating matters with some of Mama B's pimento cheese as well, that's not a terrible idea. A much-decorated, still incredibly active competitive barbecue team has used this Fargo haunt as its base of operations since while still managing to enter a boatload of Kansas City Barbeque Society events all over the country and win quite a few of them.

You'll find it has a more upstanding family-restaurant vibe and a more expansive menu than your typical barbecue spot, but once you sample some, you'll realize the smoky soul's very much in there. The Brisket Supreme takes the lauded brisket and layers on crispy onion straws and provolone, all held together with a house-baked bun. Kind of sounds like a certain sandwich out of Kansas, but hey, there are worse sandwiches in the world to emulate, right? There was a mixture of excitement and skepticism when it was announced that celeb chef and Cleveland institution Michael Symon was getting into the barbecue game repping "Cleveland-style" barbecue is that a thing?

We're not sure that's a thing? But in the end, Symon knows his meat, and for an upscale-ish northern barbecue joint to win Texas barbecue authority and Ohio-native Daniel Vaughn's seal of approval , you know it's doing something right. So about that Cleveland style. Symon's not trying to create a barbecue tradition out of whole cloth here -- much is borrowed from the great American barbecue styles, with tweaks and wrinkles to provide just a little more of a Cleveland tie-in.

Think Bertman's Ballpark Mustard in the brisket smoked over local apple and cherry woods, and pastrami spices on the intimidatingly large beef short ribs. You should sample some of both, and some of the sauerkraut that comes on the side. It works. This Cleveland 'cue thing just might work out.

Oklahoma is a peculiar place for barbecue, in that it happens to reside squarely in the South, but usually stays out of the barbecue conversation possibly because everyone is so enamored by fried onion burgers. But visiting the legendary Leo's in OKC -- which has been serving damn good BBQ for over 40 years -- a couple of months ago made me start to wonder if everyone is just keeping quiet on purpose to keep the tourists out.

A full rack of ribs. And strawberry banana cake.

BBQ with Franklin: Pork Ribs part 1

In that order. Portland's in the midst of a BBQ boom of course it is , with rising stars like People's Pig, Smokehouse Tavern, and cart-based Matt's getting national attention.

Boca Raton, FL - Shane's Rib Shack

It's the consistency of butter, and a thing of simple beauty, so much so that even as dishes like smoked fried chicken make a play for the city's throne, its simple perfection reigns supreme. If you're feeling extra frisky, get the smoked trout on the side. And don't overlook the queso-soaked brisket tacos at the sister Tex-Mex bar, La Taq, next door. Queso is dessert, right?

So here's the thing about BBQ Bob's. It isn't a restaurant, per se. But we're breaking the rules here because -- in our journeys through Pennsylvania -- by far the best barbecue in the state happens to be coming out of a small catering business north of Philadelphia run by Bob Trudnak, who goes by the name BBQ Guru on the competition circuit.

Bob got a little press when his ribs won the World Food Championships in Vegas, but the fact that this man is still just slinging barbecue at office buildings and birthday parties around Montgomery County is a damn shame. Open a restaurant, Bob! Pennsylvania demands it. Both the St. Let's be honest for a second. The Preppy Pig logo, with its Vineyard Vines-esque bright colors that make it look like a pig wearing an argyle sock, gave us some serious pause. But here's another honest fact: Patrick DeSocio has been making the best barbecue in Rhode Island for many, many years, but it took him finally moving from catering to an actual restaurant to solidify that fact.

His "Rhode Island-style" barbecue a little Portuguese chourico in there, some local fish specials, etc. But dammit Patrick, did you really have to call it the "Preppy Pig"? The Lil' Rhody.

Ribs & Steaks

Oh, also throw in some burnt-end baked beans. The half-order goes a long way. A cookhouse fire put this Carolina legend out of commission for a while a few years ago, but owner Rodney Scott who started smoking whole hogs at age 11 under the guidance of his parents took to the road to raise money for repairs, and Scott's got back to welcoming pork-hungry visitors from near and far Wednesday through Saturday, the way it was meant to be. Get a pulled pork plate with a side of skins off the hog and you'll understand the reason pigs were put on this Earth in the first place. Throw in some boiled peanuts because you're in the South and hopefully not allergic.

For the second straight year, Rowdy Hog gets the SD nod, not only because of its ridiculously delicious and tender award-sweeping ribs smoked on a "special blend of wood" for six hours and the "Slop Top" pulled pork and coleslaw sandwiches, but also -- actually, that's pretty much exactly why. If you've got one choice, the half-rack of ribs with a side of that heavenly smoke sauce and some bread pudding is what you'll want to dance with. Barbecue in Memphis is beyond competitive, and other local standouts like Rendezvous and Central certainly have their adherents, but area barbecue junkies seem to have a special reverence for Payne's, where family matriarch Flora has been expertly wielding her cleaver for more than three decades, much to the delight of anyone seeking chopped pork perfection.

See the above about that pork -- get yourself a massive sandwich laden with the spicy, vinegary sauce and the notoriously bright-yellow, almost relish-like slaw and prepare to implement a fork halfway through when the bun begins to vanish, because you're going to treasure every tiny scrap.

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Picking a Texas place is always the most difficult part of this story, as Texas spots alone could probably sweep 40 states if they'd just spread themselves out around the country. Last year, I did one of those BBQ pilgrimages into Lockhart, up through Dallas, and around the state, and when I came back around to Austin, the brisket I got from LeAnn Mueller and pitmaster John Lewis formerly of Franklin at La Barbecue blew away almost everyone else with such ferocity it was actually staggering.

Lewis is a barbecue wizard and Mueller is barbecue royalty. That unbeatable combination is bad news for everyone else. Excuse the hyperbole, but if you don't try the brisket, the beef ribs, and the sausage, you are a damn fool. You know the story by now. Backyard barbecue enthusiasts get into competitive barbecue, then get REALLY good at it, then get themselves a brick-and-mortar space so they can spread their smoky achievements to more than just picky judges. They use the exact same recipes here as they do when they're vying for a trophy -- which can't be said of all establishments, unfortunately.

The brisket will satisfy even the pickiest beef purist, but if you're less of a purist, there's a certain pulled pork- and smoked sausage-laden burger called the Caveman you just might be interested in. Perhaps surprisingly for a New England state known more for cheese, ice cream, and jam bands, Vermont has quite a few killer barbecue choices, but we've once again gone with my favorite, Bluebird, mostly because I can't seem to stop thinking about the maple-barbecue mop for those damn spare ribs and that cider-brined shaved turkey, and I don't even really like turkey.

The BBQ spare ribs with "a taste" of the shaved turkey and brisket. Cheese, bacon avail. Make your own. Skirt Steak..

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  • Topped with grilled onion on French roll. Da Burger.. Turkey Burger.. Veggie Burger.. Served with a side of ranch. Chicken Sammy.. Pulled Pork.. Lean and tender. The Big Tuna.. Topped with our Greek dressing.

    Buffalo Chicken.. Chicken Shish-ka-Bob on Pita.. Will melt in your mouth. SOUP Ask the phone attendant about our soup du jour Our sauce is cooked on all items below: Baby Back Ribs - Our signature Rib. Louis Spare Ribs - For the traditional rib lover. Not as lean as baby back, but tasty with brisket ends. Served with apple sauce. Louie finished off with pure sweet honey. My favorite rib!! The Memphis — Dry rub Spare Ribs seasoned and prepared without sauce.

    The south at its best. Western Ave alive again. Dem Beef Bones - Big boned lovers welcome. Meaty and Fun to eat. A great flavor!! Rib Tips - A south side delicacy. Chewy, very fun to eat. For those who love to dig and explore. Pork Chops - Two Chops, very lean. Skirt Steak - We're proud of this steak. A customer favorite. Strip - 22oz. Boneless Breast - Harrison Poultry prime breast. Have a sweet potato with this. A great choice!! Will cook to your liking.

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