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Like they said the business will keep doing these deals to get more customers and i get that. Very Dissatisfied customer. David Silva — Edison NJ. Optimum is a horrible provider. I have had multiple problems with my billing and unexplained charges. If you have the opportunity to be serviced by a different provider I highly recommend that option.

I had optimum installed last week what a mistake. I made an appoint. I notified that I expected some sort of compensation for my wasted time an the least they could do is throw the modem in free for a year. I also notified that in about 3 months I will be leaving since your treatment of customers and customer service is that of a third world country.

Terrible service. Steady bill increases with false hidden fees. Every customer rep. I have ever talked to on the phone once I got ahold of one was completely condescending and rude. My basic internet package increased steadily every couple months without notice or explanation.

I am finally done with with this company.

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Optimum is working well for me. Just got my install today. They gave me a window from 2pm. The service rep arrived at 12pm.

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He was courteous and fast. He even took off his shoes when I asked if they had shoe covers like Verizon offered. He went in and out my balcony veranda as well and put his shoes to go outside and off when he came inside. Did this 3 or 4 times bless him. I ordered optimum internet alone and I am pleased with the low price, reliability and fast internet.

So far so good. I recommend them. Thank you for the review above because this helped me give optimum a try. If you cancel within your billing cycle you have to pay for the entire cycle! If we have to choose between a contract and no-contract provider, we almost always go for the latter. Initial promotion is great, but after 1 year their prices go way high and you not eligible for any new offers as now you are old customer. You must be quoting a teaser, limited-time new customer offer.

Beware- It took us one month yes you read right of sitting around on weekends waiting for a service technician to show up. They will push your appointments back, cancel, reschedule all while you sit around waiting like an idiot. We were without wifi for two months total. So, no refund. Any time you have an issue, call and complain that second if you can so that they have a record. Will be changing soon to a different provider. Absolute worst in the area, service down 3rd time in 2 weeks.

Each time is almost half a day. Long story but I had a really really bad experience from service to customer service and their attitude was the worst….. I just went to FIOS. Had to cancel some commitments to schedule a service appointment for Sunday, December 31 from PM. Received several calls reminding me of my appointment with them, but the MOST unsavory call came in a little after 4 PM to advise us the technician would not be making it today due to an insufficient number of technicians available.

I will be reporting Optimum for this shabby, unprofessional, and outrageous practice through BBB. Are you serious? The User ID they gave me is not recognized when I try to create an account or Log in on the off chance that they created one for me after instillation??? The first is nothing more than a commercial that I sat on hold to hear!!! No prompts, no help! The other is constantly busy. Another phone I tried recognizes my account phone number but reject my response that it is correct.

Optimum promised us a credit for Netflix which we have not gotten and have no way to ask about. Not paying the next bill, will they respond then? You willing to talk to me now? I usually do not change Carrier Suddenly Ootimum increase my price I called they fix it I checked it was fix than one channel was not coming I called they fix the channel and change to increased price when I call become very nasty and disrespectful I will not recommend.

The Worst costumer service!!! I would give them not a single star. Reliable service and good speed, but tacky business. They increase the price after the first year and every few months there after. Despite multiple attempts to reduce my bill they refused to give me some discount. I finally cancelled it and switched to Verizon.

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I already got my contract, so I refused, they put me on hold and came back saying they still have to charge me until the end of the month. They pro-rate for new services, but not for cancel service. That just sneaky. I was thinking of returning after my VZ contract ends, but their business plan is sneaky and focuses on short term money making. If you plan to sign up their service, uses the same tactic to your advantage use for first year and switch. Basically, you are helping power their hot-spot infrastructure.

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You can check this by scanning the Wifi network near your Wifi router, you will see optimumwifi SSID with full signal strength. Power off your router, and check the signal for that SSID again. Lousy service, bad tech support, which you need a lot of because the equipment is bad, but the worst part is the unethical business behavior. This has been going on for months! Bottom line: Optimum basically bad on all points, hardware, tech support, service, and honesty and reliability. So many complaints online, and with consumer affairs! Company like this is what makes NYC a horrible place to live in.

It is extremely buggy. Our TVs repeatedly reboot simultaneously in the middle of watching programs. The DVRs repeatedly do not play recorded programs. Their service people are extremely polite and they try to do their best but Altice One was rolled out too quickly without proper training for their service people and their telephone support. They have been so overwhelmed with service issues that last week, my serviceman did not arrive for my That was incredibly unsatisfactory, especially since I have had so many problems with multiple prior service calls.

When the system works as designed which is infrequent, I enjoy it, but Altice One should have never been rolled out until all of its many many many bugs were removed. Worst customer service ever! My router is not working properly together with the representative we restored it to factory settings. I was told to take it to the store and they would replace it. I work so following their evening schedule went there three times to Elizabeth store which supposedly is opened till 6: Finally I decided to call and have them shit it to me. Horrible customer service and I have two accounts with them but not for long.

I had Optimum Business Class service for at least 10 years. The last 12 mos have been less than satisfactory. Granted, if everything is working, you have great service. So all of the tests and reviews by external agencies present an obscure picture. If you have problems, then you GOT problems. First off, Optimum used to have a separate phone for business customers, which was awesome for the x yearly I would call with an issue.

Over the last 12 mos. I would have virtual brown-outs of Internet access that disrupts gaming or business access where speed is important. It was happening every minutes at times and extremely frustrating. I changed my internal router, my internal switch — again all business type equipment — no change. I called one time to get discounts as a longtime customer do this once every 2 years , and I received a token amount which was memorable enough to keep the trend alive. As a business customer?

I need to pay for help? Of course the rep said I would be refunded if they found an issue on their end — but why bother. At that point FIOS seemed worthy enough. Bye-bye Optimum. I return the cable modem at the store and the rep says I have another device — points to the ceiling at a wireless access point and tells me that I have one of those devices for my static IP service. I told him that service is in the black box I just returned which comes across the wire when the device boots. I told him I never had a white box. Ultimately he gives me a customer service number to call as he can do nothing.

I call customer service — and they show a second cable modem on my business account — which was replaced years ago with the one I just returned. The rep removes the orphaned device and confirms no other devices. Now interestingly enough, I returned the device on the 6th and the store rep tells me that I have to pay for the full month of March — yeah yeah I got to call customer service because he cannot do anything.

I call them and tell them I have zero ability to consume their service and since we are only 6 days into the month I would like an adjustment.

Optimum internet plans

I asked the rep to document that I have no intention on paying for a service I am unable and specifically chosen not to consume. We will see where my home service goes at this point. Optimum, hope you are reading this because you are on notice. It used to be good… but now its worst… somehow they have maintained a monopoly in the TriState area… and sign u up with good deal… but then charge you at the back end with hidden fees, forward billing… They will charge you for multi room dvr when you have just one cable box… and when you speak to the CSR and the supervisor… They will doubt you and ask you to prove that you didnt use them… CSR sometimes hangs up the call … when you call again… you gotta explain everything again… Their Internet is decent… My recommendation..

Get their Internet package… and Sign up Direct Now…. Optimums altice one is so horrible. Dont get it please. Customer service is the worst. The altice one has too many bugs. Had it for 3 weeks and ready to throw it out the window. Program restart Which i love the idea , makes the picture size wrong. It zooms in too much. I have to go into t. DVR is not as easy to use. For example, scheduled recordings shows just pictures of the shows. No dates or times or anything. You have to select one of the picture and then read into the description to figure out when it will be recorded.

And that brings me to another issue, the size of the print.

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Lettering is way too small, difficult to read time left on programs or program description. Need to stand up and get close to t. The fast forward and rewind is not quick to respond. After fast forwarding through commercials, i press play to resume show, but it still goes forward just a bit too much.

Then i have to rewind and be forced to watch the end of last commercial. And this is all the time. Service tech never showed from a 2 to 5pm window. So frustrated with them. Suspended my service without notice, ask me to call a department that is located upstate NY and closed due to snow.

I recommend all my friends to stay away from this isp. This is an absolutely remarkable review which makes me, as a long-suffering Optimum customer, question whether or not the author has had to install, troubleshoot, and pay for, Optimum services himself—or if he has merely read through the website. I requested a callback tonight from their team. When I got the call, the guy I talked to then made me give him my name, my phone number, and my address. Can you pull up the exact numbers?

Just punch it up there on the little screen, I said. Someone there knows. No way. I had to give up after more than 25 minutes on the phone. We got into it again: So if what he says is true—and he said a lot of things that were just mischaracterizations, at best—I should hear from a Secret Mystery Someone by the middle of next week. I only got through after calling the billing department. Even though they claimed my area was still under an outage, my Internet was up within 5 minutes of me threatening to report them to the state utilities board.

I reported them anyhow. Altice bought Optimum with debt they can not afford to finance. So they cut employees and are jacking up rates on a state controlled utility. They need to be shut down and sold to a responsible operator. I got the new Altice one system installed last week. The worst piece of garbage EVER! Get anything else out there , not this! Why pay instalation if the service works badly? I spoke whit 4 different agents. And not resolution. Been with Optimum for a long time, over the weekend we lost cable, internet and phone. We called technical support to assist us, but was told that they would need to come out for a service call.

cablevision deals 2019 Cablevision deals 2019
cablevision deals 2019 Cablevision deals 2019
cablevision deals 2019 Cablevision deals 2019
cablevision deals 2019 Cablevision deals 2019
cablevision deals 2019 Cablevision deals 2019

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