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Highlander Hybrid. Voice control response is very poor. It is a good practical choice. It has great and easy to use technology in the car, I have never had presets this easy to set up. The seats go down very easily making it very versatile. When up the back seat is comfortable. The cup holder arrangement in the front seat is odd. I really miss then when they are not there.

I also do not understand the purpose of the tray in the center console. Nothing fits there and you just have to lift two things to get what you want in the console. I am disappointed with the brightness of the display , both on the entertainment system and on the dashboard. Bright sunlight washes out the display , making it impossible to see. There absence of a digital speedometer is very disappointing, particularly since the display is not bright enough to see the speedometer dial at a glance, even in less than bright sunlight.

The lack of brightness of the display will lead me to sell this vehicle as soon as I can, as it is a safety hazard not to be able to see the display more clearly at all times and in all conditions. These are features missing from my new vehicle and would like them available for my next purchase: Power passenger seat 8-way. Lighted glovebox and more interior lighting front floor area. Digital speed readout option in information center. Fold-flat rear cargo area. Power outlet that can used when engine is turned off.

Heated steering wheel. The steering wheel tilt option lever is below the steering wheel and I often bang my knee against the lever when exiting the vehicle.

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Assume anyone tall would have a similar issue? Would prefer this feature be more on the side to avoid injury. Would prefer a built in navigation system vs. GPS Scout is the app I need to use and it is not very accurate and the connectivity is often poor. If the WAZE app could actually be a built in navigation feature for this car vs. Updated on Dec 15, It is a very safe and reliable vehicle , and gets great gas mileage.

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I wish it came in more exterior color options. Very disappointing to my wife. The only thing I would really like is more cargo capacity. With the rear seats down, they are not flush and that limits cargo space compared to our previous RAV4. Updated on Aug 21, I had purchased a Mazda CX-5 and was satisfied with it. I sold the Mazda and bought the Toyota! Luggage cover attached to back door was a great almost cost-free feature , and lumbar support on the driver's seat.

These items would make the RAV perfect. Just rented a RAV4—Toyota really improved the model for !

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It is a world of difference. The headlights are not good enough. I want the lights on all the time and when I am behind a car I want to see my headlights reflected off their bumper so I will know the lights are on. I am driving down the road at night trying to get my lights bright enough to see the road. The headrest hits my head at an uncomfortable position. I also wish it had a hole in the center like my old Honda headrest so my hair when it is up in a ponytail or fixed in a French twist or up in the back would not press uncomfortably against my head!

I also wish the driver's seat was a couple of inches wider. Wish there was at least one little drawer to throw change perhaps located in the same area as the old ashtrays used to be on the drivers side. Armrest storage is not easy to open lower area instead of upper section. Usually takes at least two attempts to open the one I want! Needs to be re- engineered. I never read in any material in all my research that the Limited did not have a CD player. Didn't want hours of "homework" just to listen to my favorite tunes. This technology of having a port is ahead of its time for this consumer.

Maybe if I was 18 or 28 I would have my music in that or another format, but then again I wouldn't have been able to afford a new vehicle, like I can at 58!

Updated on Jul 25, More power , better steering feedback, auto headlights , better location of front seat heaters , along with sport and eco buttons. Very good crossover but needs more horsepower for better acceleration. Steering and handling could be more tighter. Could use auto headlights on all models. I truly love my RAV4. The only disappointment for me was realizing that the driver's seat was not automatic and that I still had to adjust forward and backward with a bar, which I had in my previous Toyota, a Corolla. I have had five Corollas and loved them all. Was apprehensive about purchasing a different model.

With the difference in the prices of these vehicles, I would have thought that that automatic seat feature would have been a part of the package in the RAV4. Updated on Jun 4, The Rav4 Hybrid is surprisingly fun to drive! I feel very secure in it with enough power to maneuver safely. I enjoy using the different driving modes and challenging myself for maximum MPG. It is comfortable , roomy and looks so nice!

I wish the driving mode buttons were in a more accessible place. They are too low and seem like an afterthought when they should have been more of a feature! As much as I like utilizing the driving modes, the buttons for them are in a ridiculous location. They are inconvenient and not easy to use.

They should have been on the steering wheel so the driver would not have to avert their eyes from the road. Due to this bad design , I am restricted to safely switching my driving mode only at a stop. Needs more cupholders in front and back. Rear cupholders not only in armrest. Needs Apple CarPlay. Needs better symbol for bird's eye cam what is that anyway? Need's more rear travel on driver seat. Would like memory buttons to also control outside mirrors. Love the frameless rearview mirror with HomeLink. Love the fuel economy so far. Love the enhanced technology package —really helps you see area around vehicle.

Love the molded all- weather mats. Cargo cover should be standard equipment on Limiteds. Updated on Jan 26, The controls are incredibly user friendly, the legroom is amazing I'm tall, so that's always a concern , and it's really comfortable to drive. The fact that I could get it in Electric Storm Blue was the cherry on top! It would've been nice if even the lower models had a GPS system , but the alternative is acceptable when needed. With future designs , I would like my remote on the key fob to be able to open the trunk when bringing groceries out to the car instead of keying the "unlock" button that only unlocks the driver door which then I have to go to the driver's door and operate the "unlock" on the inside of the door which then opens the back hatch door Just a little inconvenient Love the RAV4 Hybrid , except for a few annoyances: I've had satellite radio in many cars including other Toyotas and this never happened before.

Updated on Dec 11, Make sure to get remote start. With this car and the limited trim package, it should come with it but it doesn't. Driver and passenger seating could never a bit more comfortable. Again, top of the line trim should have power passenger seat as well. Should also have heat controls for second row seating. Definitely should offer more at this level and price.

I think the with the limited it should include remote start and also have a digital speedometer. Select Model. No results found. Select Style.

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