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Expired RAP4 Coupon Codes

There will be a shipping delay for ONLINE orders as our whole crew was at SCR this past weekend and we're catching up with the weekend orders along with the ones we received today. Our apologies for the inconvenience. We'll be working on them around the clock literally to ensure your orders are shipped out in a timely manner. These will come in the form of pushbuttons and balltops. The wooden parts, which were exclusively released at EVO by Sanwa Denshi is now available in our store here.

We will open up orders on October 11 at We appreciate everyone who took advantage of the savings during our absence for the past 2 weeks.


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The response was incredible, so we're working around the clock the next few days to fulfill everyone's order. For those who have not ordered from us before and just recently did, please know that our normal shipping schedule is resuming as of tomorrow and our normal turn around time is between hours. Our crew is going to be out for a few weeks for much needed rest and to meet with some of our partners at the Tokyo Game Show to prepare our product line to continually evolve into newer and better things.

We won't be shipping any orders during this time, but if you can wait and do want to place an order, Use Code: Just restocked on some of the hottest parts on the market, so don't miss out. These go faster than we can get them in:. During this time period, our whole staff will be attending so from July 12 - 18, there will be no shipping of online orders.

For those who can wait, we will offer a storewide discount on the hottest accessories and fight sticks. Please note that there are some items, such as the Brook Super Converters and some Hori modded fight sticks that are excluded from this promotion. The Brook Universal Fighting Board is already discounted without needing to enter in a coupon code.

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We will be receiving the shipment some time next week. All pre-orders will ship then. Since we sold out of these bags and have a large quantity to ship out, we will be pre-printing the shipping labels before FEDEX or USPS picks these up, so there will be a few days delay with no tracking updates. This is common for large pre-order quantities, so please don't panic. These were slated to ship out early June, but we're over 10 days early, so it's well ahead of schedule. Both have been selling out in short periods of time and with the biggest fighting game tournaments right around the corner, there's no better time to pick these up.

We should be receiving these no later than this Tuesday or Wednesday and shipping pre-orders first. Please be patient if you do not get a tracking immediately as there are many orders to fulfill. Worse case, your order will ship within 48 hours at the latest. Golden Week is week long holiday in Japan where it's citizens take time off to rest or travel. How are we going to celebrate it here at Arcadeshock? Well, if you've ordered from us before, we will often throw in free swag from time to time depending on what we have on hand.

Starting today, from May 3rd to the 8th we will be giving away Street Fighter swag from Playset with qualifying purchases. You basically will get freebies just for buying. These items are made in Japan and are not sold here. Moreso, we can give them away, but cannot sell them. So as our thank you for your support, we will happily throw in freebies with your order.

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While we realize the growing popularity of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook social media channels, some of our customers and potential customers prefer the good old fashion updates via email or just reading from the store news blog, here. For all future major store and product updates, we will simultaneously release them in all our social media channels as well as here in our blog. We value each and every one of our customers and supporters and are working hard on the back end to not only bringing new products, but also effectively create a more user friendly and enjoyable shopping experience.

We will tally up the names and run a drawing to find out who will win Hori's new Hayabusa Controller featuring their new Falcon matte pushbuttons. Because there were an incredible amount of entries, it will take us a day to run this contest, but a winner will be announced no later than January 6th.

We would like to thank everyone for Retweeting and referring your colleagues, family and friends to us during our sale event. The turn out was nothing less than stellar, which only means that we'll definitely hold more future sales in a similar fashion as everyone can benefit from this. There's going to be a lot happening right off the bat in , so don't say we didn't warn you. We simply cannot thank each and every one of you enough for your tremendous support. What drives us each and every day is the passion and smiles that we see on your faces when you are satisfied with the products we offer.

While we have shown an immense growth in the past few years, there is still so much more work to be done. It's frightening that as good as was, is going to best it easily.

Expired RAP4 Coupons

That's all you have to know for now and when the time comes, will be able to experience yourself these incredible products that will make an impact for the FGC as a whole. We've held one, two and three day sales previously throughout We've had an incredible year and to show our thanks to our customers, we would like to extend incredible discounts this upcoming Monday after Thanksgiving, which is also known as Cyber Monday, November 30, and it will last all day.

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So make sure not to spend all your money on clothes that may not fit you again next year as you may need some gear from us that will take you to that championship check in your next big tourney. Who knows? We're kidding, of course, but don't sleep on our sale as it will be the best sale we've held thus far. Greetings our fellow shoppers. We will be attending our annual FGC major, So Cal Regionals from October and will not be shipping any products during this time as our staff will be attending this event in full force.

Lots of goodies to be had. We will resume our normal business operations on the 12th of October.

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Hope to see you at the show, if not, watch the stream on several channels, but check out www. We're taking a little break as we've gone non-stop for literally over 10 years. Our store will be open to take orders, but will not ship them out until September 24th, This will be effective September 13th to the 23rd. The format also allows for battlefield simulation devices, which safely replicate IEDs, mines, and other hazards, as they foster game play that is truly as real as it gets. The use of magazines instead of hoppers creates ammunition capacity limits that are much more realistic than the two hundred round hoppers found in paintball.

The effect on the field is dramatic—Modern Combat Sports operations are much more about accurate, directed fire, teamwork, and strategy, than traditional paintball games…and with the extreme authenticity of the equipment, comes the rest of the MCS package: Can I bring my paintball gun? Traditional paintball guns are generally not allowed in Modern Combat Sports games, as their high ammunition capacity in that hopper is unrealistic, and fundamentally alters your strategy and game play…and that wacky look they have? MCS prefers to focus exclusively on realistic equipment, realistic round count between reloads, authentic gear, and true combat simulation game play.

Dress accordingly for the mil-sim excitement of MCS, bring your favorite goggles, and that MCS loaner package will make you ready to take the field! Do I have to use RAP4 guns? Not exclusively. RAP4, the driving force behind Modern Combat Sports and most of the growth of magazine-fed, truly tactical combat gaming, is the leading innovator and manufacturer of the magfed guns used in MCS. This is the best way to take your existing paintball gun and convert it properly for magfed MCS.

These conversions are wildly popular at MCS events! How old do you have to be to play? There is no maximum age…and Modern Combat Sports relies so heavily on strategy that those of advanced age can find command and control roles that fully immerse them in the game while younger players tackle the more physically demanding challenges. In this way, Modern Combat Sports is also reasonably welcoming to those with physical disabilities…and the community you find at MCS games is welcoming of everyone with a passion for authentic combat gaming, no matter age, gender, race, or ability.

Is this more expensive than regular paintball? Not likely!

Treat yourself to huge savings with PunishersPB Coupon Code: 4 deals for February 12222.

Can I use airsoft guns and equipment? Modern Combat Sports has events for airsoft players as well as paintball players, but these two very different types of guns are not generally mixed into the same games. Beyond the guns, there is plenty of tactical gear which can cross seamlessly from one format to another. From the realm of airsoft, you can find game-safe battlefield simulation devices, bargain rate tactical gear, and even uniform components, that will help you lower your cost for getting into Modern Combat Sports…especially if you already play airsoft and have a lot of that gear.

MCS sponsors, like RAP4, make the highest quality tactical gear for combat gaming, and often work with suppliers of genuine military gear to provide their customers with high-quality, durable, real combat equipment. Do cops and soldiers use these same guns? These are the same magfed guns used in Modern Combat Sports, and police and military personnel use them for the exact same reason as MCS players do: That means that their training is as real as it gets, and thus, the most useful for their jobs.

Players appreciate this same level of realism, and particularly fortunate players even get to play OpFor the opposing force against some departments to provide their personnel with real world combat challenges. The same gear that makes that training possible, makes MCS the most exciting combat game ever!

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