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People all over the world are looking for great calendar designs and templates. Search for: Kalender Zum Ausdrucken. Wochen- und Monatsplaner zum Ausdrucken miomodo Blog Free up your time and simplify your life. Here we have created September Calendar in German language which is very easy to download and Print. Thus you can easily plan and schedule your upcoming projects, events, fixtures and birthdays. When you changed to calendars, you will likely begin admiring it.

Nimm ein Kompliment und verschenk es Creative DIY Gratis zum Ausdrucken findest du die Beschriftung auf dem Blog. Ob Silvester oder Geburtstag: Discover and save! Simply This and that: Free Printables Printables Great thanks, in advance! Help me, please. Carla, I listed some ideas in last year's advent calendar post, the link is in the first paragraph. They were tiny gifts to fit into the little bags. This year I won't have to try so hard to find miniature items, and I'm not quite sure what I'll be hiding just yet. Here's last year's post: I love this idea, thank you so much for sharing it!

Our advent calendar was handmade with tiny gift boxes. It's hard to find little treasures to tuck inside, so I have done the "treasure hunt" notes as you have. The kids love those the BEST. I usually write a goofy poem like: Christmas is coming, You know it's true. To find your treasure Go look in your shoe! My favorite advent calendar idea was one I was given in Germany — where every day's gift is part of the whole gift.

With me, it was a name necklace hey, it was the 90s , each letter on one day and a cord on the last I have a letter name , with candies on the in-between days. A charm bracelet could be done that way too. Or a stationery set, or some other kind of kit… or a model set, or a chess set… so many possibilities! If I come out of this "semi-coma" in time to make your clever project, it will be the first of the Holiday crafting! Very cool! I only got into the sewing and crafting the last couple of years.

I love this advent calender and have been looking at different ones that I could find this year, due to my interest in making one. I don't have the old spools, but really like the concept. Any ideas for a good variation??? I could see maybe running some ribbon up the middle of these and hanging them on a small tree too… they'd have to hunt up the number! It would be fun to add things like "Come into the kitchen for hot chocolate".

So creative, Cathe!

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OK, Cathe, I've emptied my spools and have piles of the thread lying around. Now what do I do with all that thread? Thank you for the Advent Calendar idea. I'm looking forward to making it, probably on a garland, with Bible verses related to Christmas on each one. I love sewing and the idea of the spools is great! I have an advent box that was a gift, but I run out of ideas for small gifts.

They look forward to playing a game with me all day and I don't have to find tiny gifts for each day. What a great idea!!! How do you come up with so many amazing ideas??!! Advent calenders have a long tradition here in Germany. And each year i'm looking forward to getting one.

My mother makes mine for me, even though I'm already I met my mister at a local coffee shop. And I created his advent calender out of coffee paper cups. I had a lot of cups to go! I glued christmas wrapping paper around them. Put the nummers on top and each year I fill the cups…. We are going to use wine corks and string them up by threading them vertically. We are in wine country after all. I am ordering my supplies right now!!! Thank you! I know my kids will love this, not to mention it will become a family heirloom!

OMG what beautiful ideas, I love the "treasure" hunt idea, and the beaded one looks beautiful! Hey Kathe. Oh' you smart girl. Isn't this so clever. It's one of those things that we're all going why didn't I think of that — to simple to see. I'll be following to see what more tricks you have up your sleeve! Come by http: Hi craftygal86, If you can't find them locally at thrift stores or garage sales, try ebay.

There's a lot on there. What a great idea. I just found a box of old spools in my craft closet and this will be a great way to use them…. It's like combining easter and the advent calendar. I think it would be really fun to do this leading up to a big event in someone's life like a kid going to college or someone getting married. I Love this idea for an advent calendar. I especially love them strung up on the tree.

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So so cute. What a neat way to use old wooden spools of which I have quite a few. I hope it's okay that I put your idea on my website:. This is my first time visiting came over from Celeste post and I am loving this project!!!! Off to visit more of your lovely blog! I just had to post a link to this project on my blog. I'll be checking back often! I can't wait to make this!! We are moved away from family and will not be home for Christmas this year. This will be the perfect "fun" for us this month to not only anticipate the Birth of our Savior but to ease the missing of family.

Thank you for posting all the links, instructions, and sharing your wonderful creation! I showed it to my mom and she is going to make it with me while visiting! With your permission, I'm going to feature your advent calendar as part of a series I'm doing on my blog for advent. Please let me know if you would prefer not to be featured.

You can see the post on December 5 at http: I made one!!! Check it out HERE! I love this calendar. I have two girls. So our plan is to hide two pieces of candy for each clue. This way each daughter gets to participate each day. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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Its clever and a great way to use old wooden spools. I just LOVE this idea!

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Thanks so much for generously sharing! I just posted pictures of ours here:. Is very very beautifull your calendar!!! The next year i want make some similar! Aldana, your English is just fine. I am really excited to do this for Christmas this year for my boys I know I am way early! I don't have any vintage spools though and was going to order some new wooden spools from a craft site. What size are these? I am not sure what a "standard" size spool is but if you have appr. I love the garland idea!! Cathe, absolutely love this Idea, you do truly have an incredible gift not just for crafting, but what an amazing imagination.

I would have never have thought of this. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and Inspiration. God Bless, Theresa. This is lovely—thank you so much for the wonderful ideas and inspiration. The printable PDF files are very much appreciated—Thank you. I have been reading your blog for quite some time, and I love the projects you do.

I love wood spools and Advent calendars and this project really appeals to me. I have put your link on my Advent calendars page, and have used a few others of your links as well. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas. Tutorial and Freebie: Thanks for sharing such amazing ideas!

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Advent Calendars - Splitcoaststampers. Warmth is…. Adventskalender Matrjoschki. Sheila Zeller Interiors. I need some super simple craft ideas that I can give away as Christmas gifts to most on my list. Any suggestion? Christmas Carnage in a good way … An update of sorts. All The Grace Between. Adventskalender gestalten mit dem Internet enaverena. Love these numbers, I would like to use the for a Christmas journal but would ideally like to do the whole month, any chance of numbers 25 — 31?? Christmas is coming: Advent calendar roundup The Craft Blog.

December Daily J1,J2 et J3 lemonde2myln. Can you suggest a good hosting provider at a reasonable price? Thanks, I appreciate it! Calendario de Adviento olisucre. Skip to content. Here are a few extra ideas and tips: Paint your rack with acrylic craft or easy spray paint. Make extra sets of calendars to give as gifts to other families. Not just for kids! Make a romantic advent for your significant other! In lieu of clues, write jokes, make coupons, or share motivational notes. Place numbered spools about the bookcase, or along the fireplace mantle.

Print out copies of files and gather spools to create kits to share with friends to make their own calendars. Each child can write their own holiday wish per wrapper. Use cut-out numbered circles for your own advent calender creations.

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Use tiny blobs of sticky party-tack instead of glue to hold the wraps closed until you do. Share your ideas in the comment section of this post! Bookmark the permalink. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. October 11, at 9: Leave a Comment or Reply. What a cool Advent Calendar! I love wooden spools anyway! Anything made from them is nostagic! October 11, at Amazing idea!

How in the world did you come up with that! You are so clever! Such a clever girl! This is amazing and generous. October 12, at October 12, at 1: October 12, at 4: October 12, at 6:

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