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Just show your military ID at the front desk. Cody and I are annoyingly indecisive when it comes to choosing where to eat as well. I'm totally copying you on this one! Looks like you guys had a great time! They revamped the menu, with lots of healthy options.

Their spaghetti squash marinara pasta is awesome!! I was just in the mood for a local restaurant. Sounds like a fun date night! And I can only think of one time where I didnt finish my froyo! What a fun idea for date night! Looks like you had a fabulous time! I'm jealous of your new frozen yogurt place! That looks like they had some great choices! What a fun idea!!! I can;t believe you didn't finish your yogurt! Thats just crazy talk!!

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My husband and I always waste so much time trying to figure out where to go, and under pressure, we can never come up with anything new and exciting. I'm going to try this for sure! Love this idea! And yay for new frozen yogurt places! That looks like SUCH a fun night!!! I still can't believe I have never had froyo yet- the horror! I live in Canada, so there aren't nearly as many places nearby: That's such a fun idea! Next time I land myself a boyfriend I'm definitely doing this;. What a fun idea, but I'm afraid I would be just like you No complaints about froyo coming out too fast! Looks like you both had such a great time!

I love that date-creator idea - I might have to try that out with my boyfriend sometime: Even though you didn't end up doing exactly what your original date was supposed to be I think that the game still worked because it gave you ideas and got rid of the indecisiveness of it all. Great idea of picking out where to go from cards! I might have to try this next time my friends and I are being indecisive! Last night my sister and I tried a newer restaurant that is always, always packed.

Luckily they could squeeze us in at the bar. We had chips and guac and split tacos and salad. So so good! It was the first time I'd had Mexican in a while and it definitely pleased my palate! Sara Wahlroos.

Fiona Fischer. Scott Jen. Omprakash Damodaran. Leonardo S Santos. Jose Contreras Ruiz. Geoff Sussman. Projects 2. Microbiome of Diabetic Foot Infections. Research Items Evaluation of short exposure times of antimicrobial wound solutions against microbial biofilms: From in vitro to in vivo. Full-text available. Nov Abstract Objectives Test the performance of topical antimicrobial wound solutions against microbial biofilms using in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo model systems at clinically relevant exposure times. Methods Topical antimicrobial wound solutions were tested under three different conditions: Results In vitro assessment demonstrated variable efficacy in reducing biofilms ranging from 0.

Conclusions Short durations of exposure to topical antimicrobial wound solutions commonly utilized by clinicians are ineffective against microbial biofilms, particularly when used in vivo. Wound solutions should not be used as a sole therapy and clinicians should consider multifaceted strategies that include sharp debridement as the gold standard. Microscopy visualisation confirms multi-species biofilms are ubiquitous in diabetic foot ulcers. Jun Increasing evidence within the literature has identified the presence of biofilms in chronic wounds and proposed that they contribute to delayed wound healing.

This research aimed to investigate the presence of biofilm in diabetic foot ulcers DFUs using microscopy and molecular approaches and define if these are predominantly mono- or multi-species. Secondary objectives were to correlate wound observations against microscopy results in ascertaining if clinical cues are useful in detecting wound biofilm. DFU tissue specimens were obtained from 65 subjects. Next-generation DNA sequencing was performed to explore the microbial diversity. Clinical cues that included the presence of slough, excessive exudate, a gel material on the wound bed that reforms quickly following debridement, poor granulation and pyocyanin were correlated to microscopy results.

The presence of both mono-species and multi-species biofilms within the same tissue sections were detected, even when DNA sequencing analysis of DFU specimens revealed diverse polymicrobial communities. No clinical correlations were identified to aid clinicians in identifying wound biofilm. Microscopy visualisation, when combined with molecular approaches, confirms biofilms are ubiquitous in DFUs and form either mono- or multi-species biofilms. Clinical cues to aid clinicians in detecting wound biofilm are not accurate for use in DFUs.

A paradigm shift of managing DFUs needs to consider anti-biofilm strategies. Effect of cadexomer iodine on the microbial load and diversity of chronic non-healing diabetic foot ulcers complicated by biofilm in vivo.

405 River Street Troy, NY 12180 518-273-2196

Apr The performance of cadexomer iodine was determined against microbial populations from chronic non-healing diabetic foot ulcers DFUs complicated by biofilm in vivo , using molecular, microscopy and zymography methods. Chronic non-healing DFUs due to suspected biofilm involvement were eligible for enrolment. DNA sequencing and real-time quantitative PCR was used to determine the microbial load and diversity of tissue punch biopsies obtained pre- and post-treatment. Zymography was used to determine levels of wound proteases.

Seventeen participants were recruited over a 6 month period. Scanning electron microscopy and or fluorescence in situ hybridization confirmed the presence of biofilm in all samples. Samples were tested for levels of wound proteases pre- and post-treatment.

To the best of our knowledge, this study represents the first in vivo evidence, employing a range of molecular and microscopy techniques, of the ability of cadexomer iodine to reduce the microbial load of chronic non-healing DFUs complicated by biofilm. Further analyses correlating log reductions to optimal duration of therapy and improvements in clinical parameters of wound healing in a larger cohort are required. Approaches to biofilm-associated infections: The concept of biofilms in human health and disease is now widely accepted as cause of chronic infection.

Typically, biofilms show remarkable tolerance to many forms of treatments and the host immune response. This has led to vast increase in research to identify new and sometimes old anti-biofilm strategies that demonstrate effectiveness against these tolerant phenotypes. Areas covered: Unfortunately, a standardized methodological approach of biofilm models has not been adopted leading to a large disparity between testing conditions. This has made it almost impossible to compare data across multiple laboratories, leaving large gaps in the evidence. Furthermore, many biofilm models testing anti-biofilm strategies aimed at the medical arena have not considered the matter of relevance to an intended application.

This may explain why some in vitro models based on methodological designs that do not consider relevance to an intended application fail when applied in vivo at the clinical level. Expert commentary: We also provide some rational as to why no standards currently exist.

Can molecular DNA-based techniques unravel the truth about diabetic foot infections?: DFI Microbiome. Diabetes foot infections DFI are a common condition and a major causal pathway to lower extremity amputation. Identification of causative pathogens is vital in directing antimicrobial therapy. Historically, clinicians have relied upon culture-dependent techniques that are now acknowledged as both being selective for microorganisms that thrive under the physiological and nutritional constraints of the microbiology laboratory, and that grossly underestimate the microbial diversity of a sample.

The amplification and sequence analysis of the 16S rRNA gene has revealed a diversity of microorganisms in DFIs, extending the view of the diabetic foot microbiome. The interpretation of these findings and their relevance to clinical care remains largely unexplored. The advent of molecular methods that are culture-independent and employ massively parallel DNA sequencing technology represent a potential "game changer". Metagenomics and its shotgun approach to surveying all DNA within a sample whole genome sequencing, WGS affords the possibility to characterize not only the microbial diversity within a DFI i.

Diabetic Foot Australia guideline on footwear for people with diabetes. Dec Background The aim of this paper was to create an updated Australian guideline on footwear for people with diabetes. Methods We reviewed new footwear publications, inter national guidelines, and consensus expert opinion alongside the Australian footwear guideline to formulate updated recommendations. ResultWe recommend health professionals managing people with diabetes should: Conclusions This guideline contains 10 key recommendations to guide health professionals in selecting the most appropriate footwear to meet the specific foot risk needs of an individual with diabetes.

Oct A biofilm is a community of microorganisms that adhere to each other and to surfaces and secrete extracellular polymeric substances EPS encasing themselves in a matrix. Biofilms are a major healthcare concern, as they can form on medical devices leading to infection. Additionally, there is growing evidence to show their ability to form in chronic wounds, which leads to delayed wound healing and inflammation. Due to a number of reasons, such as formation of the EPS resulting in sub-inhibitory concentrations of antimicrobials reaching the bacterial cells, slow growth rate of bacterial cells rendering some antibiotics ineffective, and the presence of persister cells, biofilms show increased tolerance to many antimicrobials and antibiotics.

Additionally, studies have started to emerge showing a link between resistance to antimicrobials and antibiotics. Cross-resistance can be attributed to a number of factors, for example, increased expression of multidrug efflux pumps that efflux a wide range of substrates and horizontal gene transfer of genetic material encoding multiple resistance genes between different species within the polymicrobial biofilm. Antimicrobial resistance is an increasing threat caused by multiple factors including cross-resistance, and it is a global health concern.

This review focuses on current research on antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance and cross-resistance found between antimicrobials and antibiotics commonly used in woundcare to evaluate the significance of this acquired antibiotic resistance. Furthermore, the review discusses the significance of antimicrobial tolerance and the role biofilms play in enhancing antibiotic resistance.

Pathway to ending avoidable diabetes-related amputations in Australia. Sep Infected tissues in the feet of people with diabetes in the form a diabetic foot ulcer DFU present a complex pathology for clinicians to manage. This is partly attributed to the multi-factorial nature of the disease which may include altered foot architecture leading to excessive plantar pressures and frictional forces peripheral arterial disease and loss of protective sensation. In addition, to the above co-morbid variables it is understood that a delayed wound healing state may be perpetuated by the presence of microorganisms residing in the wound tissue.

The microbiology of chronic DFUs has often been reported as being polymicrobial. Of growing interest is the presence and potential role of anaerobic microorganisms in the pathology of DFUs and how they may contribute to the infective process or delayed healing. The presence of anaerobes in DFUs has been greatly underestimated largely due to the limitations of conventional culture methods.

Advancements in molecular and microscopy techniques have extended our view of the wound microbiome in addition to observing the growth and behavior planktonic or biofilm of microorganisms in situ. This review paper will reflect on the evidence for the role and significance of anaerobes in diabetic foot ulcers and infection.

A focus of this review will be to explore recent advancements in molecular genomics and microscopy techniques in order to better assess the roles of anaerobic bacteria in chronic diabetic foot ulcers and in biofilm-based wound care. May Mature biofilms of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus were grown under shear rpm on polycarbonate coupons in a CDC biofilm reactor for 3 days.

Coupons were exposed to treatment for 24 h with NPWT alone or with instillation of: Significant reductions were obtained in S. NPWT alters biofilm architecture by reducing biofilm thickness and mass, but this does not affect bacterial cell viability. NPWT with instillation of certain antimicrobials solutions may provide a further synergistic effect in reducing the number of viable biofilm microorganisms.

Our in vitro model may be used for screening the effectiveness of antimicrobials used under instillation prior to animal or human studies. Supplementary Material. File available. Povidone iodine solution PVP. Understanding the microbiome of diabetic foot osteomyelitis: Rigorous visual evidence on whether or not biofilms are involved in diabetic foot osteomyelitis DFO is lacking. We employed a suite of molecular and microscopic approaches to investigate the microbiome, and phenotypic state of microorganisms involved in DFO.

In 20 consecutive subjects with suspected DFO, we collected intraoperative bone specimens.

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