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You support us through our carefully chosen links that may earn us a commission. We will also show you a list of other top wood planer reviews which we think you should take a look at, as they might suit your needs better. Here's 3 products we picked out that thought you would be interested in depending on your budget The DeWalt is another trusted brand in anything construction and remodelling related, so it was only natural that got on our list. If we had to choose the best bench planer this would be it!

Probably the coolest thing about the latest DeWalt DW is the fact that the speed is adjustable, giving you excellent control over your planning work. You can change feed speed to optimize the cuts at 96 or CPI. The width capacity is 13 inches, and the depth capacity is 6 inches. There is also an extra large depth turret that allows users to return to the thickness they use most often.

You can quickly change the knives when you need to. The tool is operated by a 15 amp motor which performs 20, rotations per minute. Despite the fact that this is a very powerful tool, there is a safety measure installed. It is an automatic carriage lock which reduces movement unless it is user operated. There is a material removal gauge and an extra-large thickness scale for accurate cuts as well as a fan-assisted chip ejection vacuum.

When doing our research we found that the knifes that come with this model dull very easy, and you may want to buy some better quality ones as back up if you are planning on using it with hardwoods. The other problem mentioned a few times was that this is not great for heavy imported hardwoods or highly figured woods — but nor is any benchtop planer.

Overall, the DWX is a top bench top planer with adjustable speed and no snipe, as promised. It is also the most expensive item on our list, but like most things in life, you get what you pay for, and with DeWalt, you are purchasing a lifelong machine. All the owners that had previous cheaper models agree that paying the bit extra is well worth it. The DeWalt DW is the older model of the DWX planer, one of the main differences is that this model has a slightly smaller blade; also the other difference is that the new model has an auto carriage lock mechanism, which removes the need for user engagement.

Because of the extra features of the newer model, the DW weighs 12 lb less. The original package the product comes in includes a much-needed dust hood.

DeWalt DW thickness planer vs. a cheap one (review)

There is a three years guarantee from the manufacturer on this product. This is a sturdy planer weighing 80 lbs. The cutter head performs 96 cuts per inch, making this the tool that provides the finest finish of all other planers. The 15 Amp motor performs 20, rotations per minute. The turret depth stop allows the user to return to the most frequently used depth. Snipe is removed with the aid of a manual four-column carriage lock.

It also has an additional material removal gauge and extra-large thickness scale for more accurate cuts. One thing you should be aware of, however, is the fact that users claim that this item eats blades. However, we are talking about people who do this for a living and who use the planer intensively.

WEN 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer, 3-1/4-Inch

The same users also praise the product for its no snipe performance. Overall DW is a great product for anyone who wants a cheaper alternative to the DW but still wants the quality. For the price, we have this down as the best value for money. The 15 Amp motor performs over 25, cuts per minute. What is more, for a more comfortable experience, the fan-assisted dust post can remove the chips and the sawdust from the workplace. The blades are carbon steel double edged.

The granite table never warps and provides a very smooth surface for the smoothest of finishes.

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As a material that maintains its shape for a very long period of time, the granite table is guaranteed to provide you with the support you need for your planning project. The warranty offered by the manufacturer for this product is 2 years.

This feature is matched by the cast iron frame which makes the model very sturdy and reliable. You can use it to plane wood 6 inches thick and 13 inches wide. The weight of this product is 70 pounds. Reviews are pretty positive for this model. It is a good price — quality ratio. Some of the red flags raised by the users concerned some snipe, chipped blades after the first use and the fact that the blades will not cut that well.

All in all, the WEN planer is good for the money you pay for it. You can not mention bench tops planers without mentioning a Makita. This puts this machine at the top end of our bench top list for a similar price to the DeWalt DWX. The great thing about the Makita planers is the low noise levels 83dB. This makes for a very comfortable operation the DIY-er will enjoy even more. Apart from that, there is the interna-lock option which prevents sniping altogether. The width cutting capacity is of 12 inches.

The cutting depth can be adjusted for more precision planning and stop for repeat cuts. The 15 amp motor performs 8, rotations per minute. It only weighs 62 pounds, making it easily transportable to the work site.

Looking for a cheap thickness planer

Also, keep in mind that when squaring raw lumber, a planer is typically used in conjunction with a jointer. For a detailed overview on the differences between the two, be sure and check out our full-length article here on planers vs. The On the other hand, if money is not really an issue, the Makita NB is a fantastic tool that gets our pick for the best-in-class, best performance planer. This is an excellently-designed tool, and is a huge step up in class and performance from the DeWalt; both are good planers, but the Makita has an extra edge in precision, efficiency, and finish.

Definitely a great tool for the price, though. Like we mentioned in the intro, the DeWalt gets our nod for the best overall In our book this is and has been for years the best option in terms of overall value. The amp, 20, RPM motor is powerful enough to handle rough hardwoods, and the three-knife cutterhead produces 96 individual cuts per inch — an impressive feat for a bench planer in this price range. A lot of folks also were impressed by how long the knife blades lasted before wearing out and needing to be replaced.

Many, in fact, reported going through several hundred linear feet of hardwoods with the tool still producing perfect cuts. Especially expensive ones like a benchtop planer. For example, the location of the dust ejection port is certainly not the best place to have it. The port is located behind the machine where the outfield tables are.

In the future, if Dewalt can find a way to take the chip ejection port to the side, it would definitely be a good improvement. Apart from that, the DW is definitely ahead of the games when it comes to portable thickness planer. Why the Dewalt DWX is probably the best benchtop planer. The Dewalt DWX is a little bit above the rest. We chose it because it produces the best finish on boards from different kind of wood. Be it white oak, pine, maple, cedar, walnut.

It does not really matter the type of wood or its hardness. Just feed it in, and the DWX gets the job done. It produces no noticeable snipe. The planer is well designed, very tough and it is very easy to set up. You can plane very wide boards with it up to 13 inches. It is a little bit loud and noisy.

So, as a safety precaution, always use ear protection when using power tools like this. Specs Speed 25, cuts per min. The Wen benchtop thickness planer is another planer on this list that is similar to the Dewalt DWX in many ways. However, it comes with its own set of distinguishing features that really makes it one of the best benchtop planers you will ever get your hands on.

One of those features is the height adjustable infeed and outfeed tables that comes with the Wen planer. Snipe results when either the infeed or outfeed tables is out of whack, and the board being planed hangs loose when coming out or even when going into the planer. However, being able to adjust them will help you a lot in dealing with snipe.

Although to really mitigate snipe, it is a good practice to always have two people around when planing boards. Especially long pieces. The Wen benchtop planer is also equipped with a 3 blade cutterhead which is definitely a plus for this planer. Spinning this cutterhead is a powerful 15 amp motor that turns the cutter so fast that it produces cuts per minute. If you ask me, I would say, that is very fast. That is also one of the main reasons why this planer produces one of the best finishes you can ever get from a thickness planer of this size.

Dust ejection is another thing that the Wen does so well. It comes with a fan assisted dust ejection system that blows all the dust and chips produced out of the planer, just like the Dewalt DW Wood chips and dust produced by benchtop thickness planers can really get in your way if not handled properly, but with this fan assisted ejection, you got nothing to worry about. And you can really focus your attention more on the wood that you are planing.

To round it off, I would like to mention that the Wen planer has a 13 inch width capacity just like the Dewalt DW, allowing it to plane boards as wide as Both of them have a 13 inch width capacity, which means they plane wider boards when compared to the other thickness planers on this list; both of them have a fan assisted ejection system, and both of them are equipped with a 3 blade cutterhead that really produces nice finishes on boards. However, the Wen benchtop thickness planer comes at a relatively lower price when compared to the Dewalt DWX.

So most of those features that I like about the Dewalt are what I also like about the Wen. For instance the fan assisted dust ejection is a really desirable feature of both planers. However, if I have to say something, I would say that the affordability of the Wen is what really makes it stand out. The Wen is more budget friendly. All the parts are good. Setup is easy and everything seems to work properly out of the box. So good job WEN.

Harbor Freight Planer Review

But it does not have all the features of the Dewalt. One of those notable features that is not in the Wen is the turret depth stop that comes with the Dewalt DWX. You may want to plane all your boards to a certain thickness one at a time. So, all you need to do is set the turret depth stop to that thickness and leave it there.

Then you can start planing your boards. This feature however, is not available in the Wen This is not to say that the Wen is not a good thickness planer. In fact it is one of the best. The Dewalt DW is another top notch benchtop planer that makes this pretty impressive list of the best benchtop thickness planers out there today. Just like the DW, the Dewalt DW benchtop planer comes with a very powerful motor with a no load speed of 20, rpm, while also spinning the cutterhead at a speed of 10, rpm. The cutterhead consist of 3 laminated steel knives which are reversible.

This means both sides of the knives are sharp. So, when one side of the knives get dull, you just have to remove the knives and flip them to the other side, and they will cut like brand new knives once again. Just like the Dewalt DW, the DW also features a turret depth stop which comes in the form of a round dial located on the right side of the planer. This is particular useful when you want to plane all your boards to a particular thickness.

Setting the planer to any of those thicknesses will prevent you from planing your wood thinner than that thickness. Snipe is a common problem which is found in almost every planer, caused by the vertical motion of the wood being planed. Dewalt tried to eliminate it in the DW by implementing a four column carriage lock system which realistically locks the cutterhead and roller assembly in place as the wood is passing through during planing, thereby preventing the vertical motion that produces snipe on the wood.

The four column carriage lock can be engaged by pulling down a black bar resting just above the cutterhead and roller assembly. Once it is pulled down, the cutterhead is locked in place, and it will not be able to move either up or down. This helps to eliminate snipe to the barest minimum. Also featured are extra-long steel infeed and outfeed tables attached to both sides of the planer to help support your material, which also helps to a great extent to prevent snipe.

Though you can adjust the tables yourself, but they come already factory-set at the same level with the planer bed. Another helpful feature is the material removal gauge located at the front of the planer. Above the whole setup is a crank at the top of the planer which helps to raise and lower the cutterhead and roller assembly on the wood.

The Best Benchtop Wood Planers for Your Workshop

Without this attachment, the planer can just turn your whole workshop into a huge mess with dust and wood chips flying everywhere. So, make sure you fix the attachment to the rear using the screws provided in the packaging. Attach a dust collector if you have one, and you have nothing to fear from dust and wood shavings. All the features that come with it helps to make planing a breeze, no matter the kind of wood. If you have the cash, then this will certainly be a great buy and a great addition to your workshop. If you ever need to sand the finished wood, it will be very little.

There are also many adjustment guides and scales like the material removal gauge, the turret depth adjustment and linear scale at the front of the planer, all helping and making it easy to make any kind of adjustment and to make your cuts and final thickness as accurate as possible. Overall, the Dewalt DW is one of the best benchtop planers you can get your hands on. Where it can be improved The Dewalt DW is one noisy son of a bxxch. Without ear protection on, it is not advisable that you operate it. So, for safety reasons, please always use ear protection when operating machinery like this.

If Dewalt can find a way to reduce the noise produced by this beast, then that would certainly be a huge improvement. Doing this is impossible with the dust hatch attached, unless you unscrew it from the planer. With this benchtop planer you can easily re-purpose old, rough, jagged and worn out wood back to life to give it an exceptionally smooth finish. It comprises a amp motor which is combined with a two blade cutting system. Together it produces a whopping 18, cuts per minute at a 26 feet per minute feed rate.

This benchtop planer can be used to work on plane boards with dimensions up to One important addition to Wen benchtop planer is the smooth granite table. The table never warps and it provides precise support to the wood being. The Wen benchtop planer comes with a warranty and there is a very helpful customer support line in case you encounter any issue or you have questions to ask. This benchtop thickness planer is equipped with an all-granite table which ensures that the surface for placing your board is perfectly flat.

The granite, unlike other materials, does not warp or distort over time. It maintains it integrity for a very long time. Apart from the fact that the granite table provides a non-marring and smooth surface for the wood to safely and smoothly glide on. The weight of the heavy-duty benchtop frame in addition to the rugged and sturdy base ensures that the machine does not shake or wobble during operation.

The Wen benchtop planer comprise two side-mounted handles and foldable infeed and outfeed tables which make it possible for the planer to be easily transported from one location to another.

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